Tibet 2018

Tibet 2018

It may be the start of the rainy season in Nepal but this is also the best time to be visiting Tibet.

If a visit to Lhasa and the surrounding areas is what you are looking for you can choose to drive from Kathmandu via the new border point at Kerung and spend five stunning days driving over the high Tibetan plateau to Lhasa.  Two further days of sightseeing in Lhasa brings this fabulous eight day experience to a close. Return to Kathmandu by air or you can choose to continue by train into mainland China.

For something a bit more remote and adventurous visit the far west of Tibet where you will find the sacred mountain, known as Mount Kailash to Hindus and Kang Rinpoche to Tibetan Buddhists. The main objective for pilgrims and tourists alike is to do a circumnavigation (kora) of the mountain, a three day, arduous, trek. The highlight of the kora is the crossing of the 5634m Dolmala pass.

Starting in Kathmandu and crossing the Tibetan border at Kerung the drive to Kailash takes five days traversing the Tibetan plateau. A major feature of the drive in is stopping at Lake Manasarovar a sacred lake below the slopes of Mt Kailash. A dip in this lake is said to increase the merit gained by doing the kora.

The ten day experience concludes with an overland return to Kathmandu but can be extended to Lhasa at extra cost.

Contact us for costs and departure dates for either of these programmes.

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