Nepal is perhaps best known for its’ trekking tours. These can range from easy one or two day itineraries close to Kathmandu or Pokhara to several week treks through the rugged slopes of the high Himalaya.
There are two basic styles of trekking. 

“Tea House” or lodge trekking where overnight stops are made in specially constructed establishments. These can range from very simple, but clean, trail-side lodges to relatively luxurious resorts with modern facilities such as en-suite rooms and hot showers. The standard available can vary widely depending on location but inevitably it cannot be compared to the five star standard available in the city.

“Fully Organised” or tented treks where the group is completely self-sufficient with all the necessary equipment and supplies being carried  by porters or yaks. The advantage of this style of trekking is that more remote areas can be explored but to be economically viable a minimum group size of six is generally required.