Nepal is open for business

By now you will all be aware of the devastating earthquakes that have rocked Nepal.

There have been many deaths, officially 8,750 but more likely over 10,000, with many more injured and even more left homeless.

It has been widely reported that many of the country’s world heritage sites have been badly damaged.

All this has left Nepal with a massive re-development task which will be made much harder if the economy of the country suffers as a result of the disaster.

Tourism is one of the mainstays of the Nepalese economy and at present the industry is in tatters. Fortunately the summer season, with the advent of the monsoon rains, is traditionally the low season  with the few tourists arriving using Nepal as a staging point for trips to Tibet.

However, it is crucial for the economy that the autumn season which starts in late September sees a significant return of visiting tourists.

There will obviously be some areas that will be hard, or impossible, to visit and some that will be less attractive due to structural damage but the estimates being given are that fewer than 15% of tourist attractions have been affected.

We are working hard to identify those areas that remain safe and attractive for tourism and will be putting some special itineraries together for the coming year.

Please contact us for any advice or information on what is possible.


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